Uganda Martyrs School of Nursing and Midwifery - Kaliro

Empowerment For Quality Health Services

It is my great privilege to welcome you to Uganda Martyrs School of Nursing and Midwifery (UMSNM), We are Located in Butajube - Kalalu village, Butajube Parish in Kasokwe Subcounty Bulamogi County in kaliro Behind the District Head Quarters. I can imagine many of you are feeling both excited and perhaps a little anxious about starting your journey as an institute student. Since its inception in 2012, UMSNM has steadily developed into one of the largest private Health institute in Uganda. It was fully registered and classified per section 32/45 of Education ACT, 2008 as hereunder with REGISTRATION NO:MoES/BVET/236. It has since become one of the very reputable institution of Higher Learning in the region, known for its pioneering spirit of excellence in teaching, Clinical practice and community engagement.

The UMSNM community subscribes to the fundamental conviction that education is a catalyst for positive change and the cornerstone for building strong, resilient and enduring communities. The Institution also instills a spirit of inquiry professionalism, social consciousness, and deep sense of patriotism. It provides many opportunities to grow academically, intellectually, socially and as well-rounded human beings. In the process, critical thinking is emphasized, teamwork is promoted, technology awareness is instilled, new veins of knowledge are explored, multi-cultural awareness and empathy are developed, interpersonal competencies are fostered, practical life skills are honed, and an ethical perspective woven into its fabric.

Today, the Institution is at the forefront of a campaign to create sustainable and lasting change in Uganda and throughout the rest of the developing world. Three fundamental initiatives driving this change are rooted in the belief that collaborative endeavors will build synergies, leading to new and innovative ideas that, ultimately, will have deep social impact. Collaborative endeavors are thus a hallmark of our global positioning strategies and aspirations. It is also our conviction that innovation drives progress in society and helps us face a variety of evolving challenges. By emphasizing collaboration and innovation in its major endeavors UMSNM continues to remain the front-running institution it is known to be and to make its contributions felt in the region and beyond.

As Principal Tutor, I am deeply committed to attracting a body of faculty and students dedicated to academic excellence, pedagogical sophistication, top-notch research, and service to society. In our mission to contribute to national development,UMSNM stands tall as a center of excellence that is able to develop confident leaders, independent thinkers and creative entrepreneurs. We also focus on professional development of our students in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to play a leading role in different sectors of the economy and polity. The Institution's programs for faculty development ensure a dynamic and futuristic environment for teaching and research.

The principal Tutor

Nakayenga Christine Kiyimba

Uganda Martyrs School Of Nursing and Midwifery - kaliro