H.E Oketayot Denish

Welcome to UMSNM! The start of a new regime is an exciting time, and I look forward to welcoming you to the UMSNM community. As you prepare to move in and reconnect with friends. It has been a busy year and you should expect some changes around school, from facilities to programs and service hours. The construction of the New Halls of Residence for the Male students is Ongoing and life is more interesting like never before. I urge all students to explore all that the Students Guild has to offer. The UMSNM Students Guild is always available to help all students most especially in the observance of the principles of Natural justice in student affairs.

During my Regime as guild president, am determined to contribute to the Institution, promoting justice for students, Empowerment of Health activities with in the community and that has been the role of UMSNM and beyond.

God bless UMSNM, God bless Uganda

"Empowerment For Quality Health Services"

4th Guild president