UMSNM is a non-sectarian and private for profit Health institution

it is community based established institute which supports quality health services within the country and the region. It was founded in 2012, We are Located in Butajube - Kalalu village, Butajube Parish in Kasokwe Subcounty Bulamogi County in kaliro Behind the District Head Quarters.

UMSNM is a Fully Registered institution and classified by BTVET

UMSNM is a Fully Registered institution and classified per section 32/45 of the Education Act, 2008 as hereunder with REGISTRATION No: MoES/BTVET/236. UMSNM was established to respond to the increasing demand for Health professionals in uganda and the region at large. The product of this institute will be able to work locally, internationally.

UMSNM Academic Programmes

UMSNM offers Nursing and Midwifery courses all at Certificate level.

UMSNM facilities

The institution has a varierty of facilities that are suitable for learning purpose and leisure. these include teaching and learning lecture rooms, computer laboratory, skills laboratory, sickbay, hostels, modern library with over 5000+ books, wireless connectivity across the entire institution, extra-curricular facilities for both indoor and outdoor.

UMSNM gives Bursary Scholarships

We give half tuition fees bursary to any Ugandan student who qualifies for admission and has been recommended by his or her home District LC 5 Chairperson. Essentially under this program, the institution pays half of your tuition throughout your course of study.